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Plymouth Planting in August & September – What You Need to Know

If you’re planning to spend the forthcoming bank holiday weekend sprucing up your outdoor space, you may be curious about what kind of plants and seeds you can plant at this time of year. In our latest blog, we outline the perfect things to plant in August and September, so that you can have a blooming garden all year round!

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Planting Advice

Everyone knows that the early spring and later winter months are the most common times to get sowing and planting new flowers or vegetables. But the later Summer and early Autumn months can also be a good time to start preparing and get sowing. By sowing in August and September, the seeds will have enough time to start growing and developing to be flowered and fully grown by late springtime the year after. This time of year is a great time to start preparing your garden for flowers and veg to be blooming in the next spring. It’s also a good time to start prep for the upcoming colder months and think about how to protect your plants from future frosts.

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Winter Blooming Flowers

Primroses are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes, meaning you can have bright flowers even in the darker months! Though they may seem small and dainty, the primrose is a strong and hardy flower, surviving through the frosts. Plant in early September on have blooms that last throughout winter.

Cyclamen is a popular choice for winter blooms and provide a lovely pop of colour. One of our favourite varieties is the Hederifolium Winter Cheer. Suitable for pots, bed and borders, the cyclamen can withstand temperatures to -15 degrees. By sowing in September you will be able to enjoy the pale pink blooms from November all the way through to December.

Heather is one of the hardiest and easiest plants to care for. We recommend taking semi-ripe cuttings of the Calluna heather at the beginning of September and propagating them in a shaded area for around 8-12 weeks before planting in the ground. They are perfect for an evergreen show and offer a range of subtle colourful shades when in bloom.

Narcissus is a delicate little flower and the Narcissus Paper White is perfect for cheering up your garden in Winter. By planting the bulbs in late September these little white flowers will be with you by December. With a sweet scent, the bulbs are suitable for planting outdoors and remaining there or to be moved into your home when they come into bud.

If you love the buttercups that burst out in their dozens during the springtime, then Winter aconites are the perfect winter alternative for you. Their blooms are almost identical to the common buttercup with their small bright yellow petals. Plant the bulbs in September for a burst of colour popping up in January.

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Spring & Summer Blooming Flowers

The ‘Black Beauty’ Papaver somniferum is one of the most beautiful and sophisticated poppies around. Their deep burgundy petals are full, with a ruffled, silky appearance. As part of the opium poppy family, they are also self-sowing flowers, meaning they will scatter seeds into the soil and germinate steadily afterwards. They are suitable to sow in August to get an early spring flower.

Cornflowers give a pretty and delicate flower that are good for bees and butterflies. They are very easy to care for as they grow well in either a pot or directly in the ground, and enjoy the sun and the shade. Sow in August for a superb flower in the following summer months. They are annual plants so they will survive for one season and will then require replanting in the next sowing season.

The Antirrhinum majus ‘Apple Blossom’ is a snapdragon plant with an elegant and dainty flower in a subtle apricot pink colour. They can be known as a ‘tender perennial’ which means that they aren’t quite hardy enough to be a returning perennial flower, and their life span can be unpredictable. Because of this, they are generally grown as an annual flower and can be re-sown every year to make sure that the blooms are sure to come back the next season. They are suitable to sow between July and September, making August a perfect time to sow if you wish to have them flowering around June time.

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Radishes are great to sow in August as giving them plenty of water in dry weather gives them sweeter and crisper roots. They are a fast-growing vegetable as they mature between 4 weeks after the initial sowing. They are also easy to look after as they enjoy sun and shade, and are able to be grown either directly in the ground or your greenhouse.

Another fast-growing vegetable is spinach. Depending on the conditions they can be picked after 5- 7 weeks after sowing. They can be picked when the leaves are still small, or later when the leaves are more mature.

The spring onion is a very hardy vegetable. They can be planted in August or September and be harvested in the following spring. They can withstand the colder temperatures in the autumn and winter, which makes them a very popular vegetable to grow in your greenhouse or in beds.

If you’ve got a greenhouse or polytunnel, then brassicas such as kale, cauliflower, cabbage and Chinese broccoli are perfect for early Autumn planting. Overwintering vegetables such as broad beans, turnip and chard have a long growing season, so are a good choice if you’re in no rush to eat the fruits of your labour!

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