Plymouth garden maintenance visit


I received a call from Wendy asking me if I could come out to help transform some her garden as its very overgrown and is to much for her to maintain and was in need of a gardener in Plymouth. I went to see the garden the following day so me and Wendy could discus how she would like her garden to look. We had a walk around the garden and Wendy said she would like 90% of the plants removed from the front gardens beds, all of the weeds etc removed, a feature made of her rockery and new stones to be put into three of the beds.

The garden beds were very overgrown and had a LOT of weeds and brambles to remove. We also discussed and decided to save as many of the plants and put them into her current pots which were full of weeds currently, Wendy also wanted to get some new plants for me to pot in any pots we could not fill.

A overgrown garden in Plymouth showing lots of weeds and brambles Large garden boarder in need of maintance A large bricked garden bed in need of maintenance. a Plymouth garden rockery overgrown with plants and weeds

So work began on removing the unwanted plants, weeds and brambles resulting in three van trips of green waste to be disposed of. I must admit I got a very nice tan on this job as the heat from this weather we have been having did not let up.

garden bed having all of its plants removed by a Gardener in Plymouth All weeds and plans removed down to soil level.

Now everything that needed to removed was Wendy asked if I could pressure wash her patio to brighten up the garden & give it a good clean, I started this after the days gardening at 5pm and finished pressure washing around 8PM. I must admit I was shattered after that very long day.

It was then onto putting in the wooden boarders of the beds which would have the stones and putting in the new sleepers for the rockery. Then it was just the case of laying the membrane, putting in the 2 ton of stone and planting all of the new plants etc…

Gardener in Plymouth changing the look of this rockery garden

I’m absolutely over the moon with the result of this garden turnaround, Wendy absolutely loves it and I’m now maintaining her garden on a 4 weekly basses 🙂

If your in need of a Gardner in Plymouth then just drop me a message.



Jackson Landscaping Ltd in Plymouth will provide a hassle-free garden maintenance service and will clear your garden, remove the green waste and tidy lawns and hedges to leave you with a total garden transformation.


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