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Plymouth porcelain patio – Achieving Beautiful Results

Enjoying every Plymouth porcelain patio we install means so much to us as a Plymouth landscaping business. We love to build friendships with our customers so we know they are completely satisfied with the end result of their Plymouth landscaping project. This means that they are more than happy to recommend us to friends, family, neighbours and even use our services again for any other future garden projects they may need completing.

Quality materials and workmanship is what our business is about, to create stunning end projects that customers are proud to show off!

Recommendations And Repeat Custom

The couple on this project were originally recommended to use Jackson Landscaping Ltd by their neighbour who we had completed a Plymouth slate patio for previously and decided they would also like this for the middle tier of their garden.  For this particular Plymouth porcelain patio job, this is the second time they called us round to undertake the transformation of the bottom tier of their garden with a modern unique approach to a Plymouth porcelain patio design.  When I met with the couple to discuss, they had big plans in mind for their duo tone, framed-effect Plymouth porcelain patio.  We bounced ideas around and came to a solution for their Plymouth porcelain patio to be implemented on their bottom tier in a streamline, modern approach.  

Choosing Quality Patio Tiles

At Jackson Landscaping Ltd we prefer to use locally based Plymouth patio stockists so we can ensure products are ordered to the customers choices and designs can be seen ‘in the flesh’.  We believe choosing the colours for a Plymouth porcelain patio proves to be very difficult online due to colour intolerances on a screen compared to viewing in person.  As styles are always changing from suppliers, it also ensures that the Plymouth porcelain patio styles are up-to-date with what is currently available as well as giving a good indication of stock levels and lead-times for the job.  

Due to the style of this Plymouth porcelain patio job, I met with the customers at our preferred Plymouth porcelain patio stockist.  After looking through the design options available at the showroom, they choose the two contrasting they wanted for their Plymouth porcelain patio.  From talking through the ideas together, we agreed a rectangle shaped as opposed to a square porcelain patio tile would be the best fit for this modern approach of a picture framing affect patio.

Setting The Garden Scene

For this particular Plymouth landscaper job, the customers were really looking to finish off their tiered garden with the perfect zones for their Plymouth garden.  The aim to create each tier with its’ own beautiful zone and unique from one another; from the greenery planting areas to the seating area and even relaxed garden ‘chill-out’ zone.  The couple from this Plymouth landscaping job are certainly green-fingered and the array of plants they have is simply stunning.  They take great pride in growing and keeping the greenery in their garden kept beautifully, so to be able to complement this with finishing off their bottom tier with a beautifully finished Plymouth porcelain patio was an honour and privilege to complete the garden and see the end result/vision all tied together.

Out With The Old, In With The New

The bottom tier of this garden was originally home to a small garden pond framed with timber decking which was looking old and tired and was in need of a re-fresh with a modern Plymouth porcelain patio.  We set about creating a new Plymouth porcelain patio bespoke to the customers wishes with the two contrasting porcelain patio choices.  Our vision, to intricately design and implement the ideas to create an area ready for hosting a centrepiece of their table and chairs.  All implementing a perfectly framed patio area and centre by using the contrasting porcelain patio tiles in a modern ‘picture frame’ design. 

The existing steps in this Plymouth garden leading from the bottom tier to the middle tier were uneven and unappealing.  For the creation of steps which tied in with the rest of their carefully planned garden, concrete blocks were installed to create steps even in height and with greater depth for ease of climbing.  As a finished result, we capped the tops of these steps with the same light grey porcelain tiles used in the majority of the main patio to tie everything together as a finished piece.

Fall And Drainage

During the important planning and setting out stage before the installation of a Plymouth patio can commence, we use our state of the art laser level during the pre-installation process to ensure the correct falls are implemented for the finished patio.  As a Plymouth landscaper it’s not just about ‘installing a patio’, it’s about creating a fully functional space which works the way in which intended.  This includes the drainage solution for the soon to be installed porcelain patio, the fall on the patio for this project was prepared and we installed AcoDrain so any run off water will be carried away correctly.  Thus creating a Plymouth porcelain patio free from pooling, puddles and keeping that run-off water away from the property.

Starting Work – From the Ground Up

At Jackson Landscaping Ltd we pride ourselves not just with supplying a stunning end result for a Plymouth porcelain patio but, with a long-standing quality installation starting from the ground up.  Levels were recorded and we set about work installing the sub-base for this Plymouth porcelain patio job.  A protective sheet was installed also to ensure extra support against the earths’ natural propensity to shift with time.  A substantial depth of hard granite sub-base was installed to a total depth of 125mm to provide a strong base for the patios’ future stability.  Layers of sub-base were installed and applied with compaction at intervals of 50mm layers.  Stages like this we carry out to provide the stable starting ground, in preparation for a Plymouth porcelain patio to be installed.  These stages giving end results withstanding the tests of time and weather for years to come.

Beginnings Of A Bespoke Design

I marked out using line marking paint where the centre box design would go and checked with the customers at this early stage, to ensure they were happy with how the design would be mapped out.  The stunning dark grey porcelain patio tiles were first in line to begin creating this bespoke Plymouth porcelain patio design.  The dark grey tiles were cut into smaller shapes using a wet tile cutting machine of the highest precision.  This was the beginning part of laying, to create a border perfectly in proportion for the end result of this modern design.  The first half of this outside border was laid with precision in order to create a solid starting point for the remainder of the porcelain patio.  Care at these early stages was essential for an end result of the patio to be completed perfectly in tune with the appearance of modernity and symmetry.

First Porcelain tiles being installed with white marker paint detailing the design
The Elements And Installation

Carrying out a new Plymouth porcelain patio is helped when the Plymouth weather is on side.  Carrying out a Plymouth landscaper job during Summer in Devon would be assumed to be perfection.  However, the weather is not guaranteed to be fair for these projects even during the warmer months.  Luckily for us the Plymouth sun made an appearance for most of the project in this Plymouth garden.  The warmer climate accelerated the setting process for this project.  The dry spell made the process more enjoyable without the need to battle with the elements.  We are not always this lucky when carrying out Plymouth landscaper projects and are used to working in all weathers.  Although the Plymouth weather being on side is a grace that any landscaper cherishes!

Obstacles – Manhole Covers

It’s always frustrating when you have a plan on how you would like your Plymouth porcelain patio to look and then have the obstacle of a man-hole cover in the way of your garden desires.  As an experienced Plymouth Landscaper this is something we see fairly often.  An obstacle we can overcome easily where man-hole covers need to remain in that position of the Plymouth garden.  We removed the existing manhole cover from the corner of their bottom tier and replaced with a recessed manhole cover.  We often use these recessed manhole covers, as you can see it fits seamlessly into the Plymouth porcelain patio design.  These covers have a minimal edge and porcelain tiles are cut to fill the cover perfectly, to ensure minimal impact of the overall visuals of the porcelain patio design.

Finishing Touches – Color Resin-Cement Jointing

At Jackson Landscaping Ltd, we believe quality materials are of great importance to create a fantastic end result.  This is why we use Kerakoll Fugabella Colour Resin-Cement High Flexibility Grout on our Plymouth porcelain patio projects.  Fugabella is an easy choice for us due to its’ resilience qualities and the pristine finish it offers.  This choice of material for the jointing on the porcelain patios we install, complements beautifully due to the vast range of colours available to choose from.  Depending on the overall design wanted to achieve, this could be a contrasting colour to the porcelain tile or as close a match as possible to give that streamline finish.

Why we applied contrasting jointing?

For this bespoke design Plymouth porcelain patio project, the whole design was based around the duo of contrasting light and grey porcelain tiles.  The contrast was made more impactful with the darker grey internal centre square space and outline border.  With this in mind, we liaised with our customers and agreed a close a match jointing to each of the contrasting tiles was the way to go to complete the overall impacting patio design.  Both colours of jointing was carefully and intricately applied to the corresponding porcelain tile, defining the clean edges and contrast between to the two porcelain tile choices.  The properties of the Kerakoll Fugabella Colour Resin-Cement High Flexibility Grout are perfect in complimenting porcelain patios at finishing stage.  This is due to the properties it boasts including colour uniformity, surface hardness, good water repellency, low water consumption and is even resistant to the most common acidic substances.

An arial view of the finished Plymouth porcelain patio showing off the square design with boarder.
Spotlessly Clean

During and after applying the resin-cement jointing in Plymouth gardens on patio projects, meticulous cleaning is required throughout the process.  Here cleaning throughout the jointing process ensured a beautifully clean finish as you can see on the finished patio image.

Porcelain Patio – Completion

As the final porcelain tile was placed in situ, the true scope of the modern design was unveiled.  The end result of a Plymouth porcelain patio that was just simply stunning.  An end project mirroring to the ideas and aspirations of our customers.  The completed project of the bespoke duo porcelain patio design represented perfect unity.  Unity from applying the brief, communication with the customer, careful planning, selection of quality materials and dedicated careful workmanship.

Happy Customer, Job Satisfaction

As a Plymouth landscaper there is no greater joy than seeing a customers eyes light up with joy as they take in the beauty of their new Plymouth porcelain patio.  To see the initial shared vision discussions we had initially turn into a reality to enjoy was amazing.  The bottom tier of their garden was no longer an uninspiring space but had been transformed into an extension of their home.  The patio was now ready to set up their garden table and chairs in centre-stage of their framed porcelain patio.  Creating an outdoor dining space ready to enjoy the warmer months with friends and family.  The light grey porcelain tiles lifted and brightened up the whole garden space.  The introduction of darker grey porcelain tile accents on this patio complimented to the uniqueness and modernity of the bespoke design.  With their personal style and ideas put forward and our combined imagination and hard work, it really showcases how an idea for your Plymouth porcelain patio can be brought to life.

We pride ourselves on happy customers and job satisfaction.  Our aim to create a patio project in Plymouth that not only meets our customers expectations but surpasses them.  For the patio project in this Plymouth garden there was a fine balance between the combination of skill, care and attention to detail that went above expectations to create a garden space of beauty as well as functionality.


Jackson Landscaping Ltd in Plymouth will provide a hassle-free garden maintenance service and will clear your garden, remove the green waste and tidy lawns and hedges to leave you with a total garden transformation.


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