If you’re considering having Astroturf or an artificial lawn laid in your garden, then you’ve probably got a few questions about suitability, longevity and how to care for the lawn. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions and suggested care tips to answer all your queries!

We’ve answered the most common questions we get in the list below, but if the FAQs don’t answer your question, please get in touch with us!

Artificial Grass FAQs

Q. How long will an artificial lawn last?

A. Typically, astroturf or an artificial lawn laid in the average residential garden can last for around 20 years, depending on upkeep and the level of wear and tear.

Q. What are the benefits of artificial grass over a real lawn?

A. There are a number of benefits to an artificial lawn, the biggest of which is how low maintenance it is. You’ll never have to mow it, weed it or fertilise it and even in the hottest weather, you’re guaranteed to have a thick, green and luscious lawn! The astroturf can be easily washed – perfect if you’ve got kids or pets – and the water will simply drain though the holes in the turf backing.

Q. Will my artificial grass fade in the sun?

A. No, we use UV stable products to ensure the colour remains vibrant and bright. We have a number of samples for you to view, so that you can choose your preferred colour, length and texture.

Q. Is artificial grass pet friendly?

A. Yes, it is pet friendly! If your pet goes to the toilet on artificial grass, then liquids will drain away and the solids will remain on the top, ready to be scooped up. You can rinse the area with a watering can or hose once you’ve disposed of the waste.

Q. Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?

A. Yes! As the lawn wouldn’t require watering, mowing or treating with any herbicides, pesticides or fertilisers, it provides an environmentally friendly alternative to a ‘real lawn’.

Q. Can my children play on artificial grass?

A. Yes! Astroturf will not scratch or graze skin if you fall, roll or skid across it whilst playing, nor is it sharp underfoot. You can also put playhouses, sandboxes, playground equipment and trampolines on artificial grass!

Q. Can I use a BBQ on my artificial grass?

A. No, you should never expose artificial grass to fire, flame or extreme temperatures, as it may melt. This means that any BBQs, patio heaters, fire pits and chimneas you may have should be kept well away from your artificial lawn.

Q. Can you lay artificial turf on any surface?

A. Yes, we can! Jackson Landscaping Ltd can install an artificial lawn on surfaces such as concrete, tarmac, paving slabs, soil and existing ‘real’ turf lawns. We can even lay artificial grass on decking, providing it’s in good condition and of sound construction.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

Whilst an artificial lawn will remain looking fresh, green and vibrant all year round, without the need for mowing, watering or re-seeding, it still needs a little love to keep it looking it’s best!

Here are our top tips for looking after your astroturf:

  1. Using a yard brush with medium-soft bristles, sweep your lawn once a week to remove any debris. Make sure to use light pressure (so you don’t damage the turf) and sweep in the opposite direction the artificial grass blades lie in.
  2. Remove leaves using a plastic rake or a leaf blower and aim to do this whilst the leaves are dry, as they’re easier to remove!
  3. Your lawn will typically self-clean when it rains, so you’ll rarely need to hose it down. If you need to clean your artificial grass after a spillage, then you should firstly soak up any liquids with paper towels or a dish towel or for sticky spills, wash the area down with warm water. Washing up liquid or grass cleaner can be used for food spillages and body fluids and heavily diluted mineral spirits can be used on oil-based spillages. Avoid the use of bleach, antibacterial solutions and harsh chemicals on your artificial lawn. If the spillage has dried or hardened, use a toothbrush or plastic scraper (like a dough cutter) to gently remove it.
  4. Clean away any pet urine using hot soapy water or a special artificial turf spray as often as you can.
  5. Avoid wearing footwear with sharp or pointed heels and soles on your lawn (i.e. football boots and stilettos), as they could cause damage to the lawn.
  6. Never scrape away snow or ice from your artificial lawn, as this could cause thinning and damage to the lawn. Instead, allow it to melt naturally to preserve the plush and luxurious look.
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