Agricultural Fencing

What is Agricultural Fencing?

Sometimes referred to as farm fencing or field fencing, agricultural fencing is typically used to keep animals in or out of set areas.

This type of fencing is also used to prevent people from walking through fields and crops, to create boundaries between living areas and working areas or to provide security.

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Types of Agricultural Fencing

Here at Jackson Landscaping Ltd, we can supply and install a number of different agricultural fencing styles.

The most traditional style of fencing we offer is the post and rail fence. Made from a combination of upright timber fence posts and horizontal timber rails, this style of fencing delivers a traditional look and is a popular option for farms, small holdings and other agricultural settings. This style of fencing can be easily installed on uneven or hilly terrain where the fence line may rise and fall, making it a great choice for most farms and smallholdings.

The size of the fencing you opt for is likely to depend on the kind of livestock who will reside in the enclosure, after all, keeping the animals safe is the main objective. For example, horses and ponies could jump over a low fence, so a high, three or four rail fence would a good option for this kind of animal. If you have a flock of sheep, then it’s best to choose a fence with rails that are closely set together, so that they are unable to escape through the fence. Our fencing is the ideal foundation for additional precautions such as barbed wire or electric fencing to be added on, following installation.

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In areas where animals are not kept or where security isn’t a concern, knee rail fencing is commonly used. As the name implies, knee rail fencing is a low fence that’s typically around knee height. This is often used to mark footpaths or edge car parks.

We can also take down and dispose of any old fencing on your land, offering a complete service from start to finish.

Whether you require a high fence to keep your livestock contained or a single rail fence to mark a boundary or footpath, we can deliver a high quality, durable and highly functional agricultural fencing solution.

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Why Choose Us?

When you choose Jackson Landscaping Ltd to install and design your agricultural fencing, then you can be assured that you will receive a friendly, unbiased and professional service. We offer a cost-effective service and will always recommend works that fit within your budget. Our experienced team have the expertise, know-how and skills to deliver a high-quality and professional result.

If you’d like to know more about our fencing services, please contact us today to arrange an appointment and get a free, no-obligation quote. Call Shane on 07399 092364 or submit our contact form, with details of your requirements and we’ll get back to you.

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Whether you need to mark a boundary or create an enclosure for livestock, we can install durable agricultural fencing to suit your requirements. Simply fill in our contact form or call Shane on 07399 092364 to discuss your requirements and arrange an appointment.

We also provide complete landscaping services, turf laying, fencing installations, garden shed construction, general garden maintenance and paving services to help give your garden a total makeover.


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