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Caring for your lawn in October

October lawn care should be part of your autumn gardening wake-up-call!  It’s time to check your list and make sure you have covered all bases when it comes to preparing your lawn for winter, before the morning frost and ever decreasing temperatures start creeping in.

Good preparation and damage prevention will be worth the toil, once you see your luscious, dense carpet of grass flourish again in the spring and summer months.

Prepare your lawn for the colder seasons

  • Apply iron or ‘ferrous’ sulphate
  • Aeration
  • Fertilise your lawn
  • Rake and collect leaves

October is the time to ensure everything is in place, in good time for winter, as this is the time of year that the garden slows down. If you are living in Plymouth and the surrounding areas, you still have a window of a few weeks to complete any necessary scarification and seeding, as the temperatures are still not too cold. During the hot summer months, the ground will probably have hardened and become water depleted, so it will need some tender loving care and moisture. If your garden has not been properly treated prior to the winter, the likelihood of it recovering for the following year is slim.

October Lawn Care - Dry Grass - Jackson Landscaping Ltd

October lawn care – Applying iron ‘ferrous’ sulphate

The application of ferrous sulphate should happen during your October lawn care, when the climate is slightly cooler than the summer months – as the soil will be moist, and the process will be more beneficial. The sulphate is very effective at killing moss and reducing the impact of frost damage. This makes the moss much easier to remove – transforming it from green to brown during the drying process. During the winter months, the sulphate prevents the process of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is where the combination of sunlight, carbon dioxide and water convert into chemical energy. This produces oxygen and sugars, giving fuel to energise the plant – or in this case, grass – which is not required until the warmer season.

Another benefit of treating your lawn with ferrous sulphate, is that it provides crucial nutrients to the ground, thus in time, encouraging eventual vigorous growth from strengthened roots. It will also accentuate the vivid green colour of the blades.

When applying ferrous sulphate as part of your lawn care, remember that it will require dissolving in water, according to the instructions on the packaging of your chosen brand. Always use the correct ratio for the best results. Your lawn will take approximately 7 days to fully absorb the treatment.

October lawn care – Aeration

If it is necessary, and you still have to scarify your lawn, this should take place prior to aeration.  Scarifying is a process of soil preparation where the soil is broken/ripped up and any organic material (aka surface thatch) is removed. Leaving the organic material prevents water, fertiliser, and oxygen from penetrating the ground to root level.  If left to its own devices, this material will cause your lawn to be spongy and full of moss.

There are a few methods of aerating the lawn, however generally, aerating the soil is usually carried out using ‘hollow tining’ equipment which can be bought/hired.  The soil will be both aerated and de-compacted at the same time.  After this process, drainage of your lawn will be greatly improved.  Aerating also encourages vital nutrients, water, sunlight, and oxygen to penetrate into the grass roots, promoting healthy growth.

If aeration is not carried out early enough, the drop in temperature of the soil during winter will likely prevent seed germination.

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October lawn care – Fertilising

Fertilising your lawn in the autumn helps to ‘winterise’ your grass, helping to protect it from the elements and unwanted diseases, leaving it ‘hardy and steadfast.’ It will serve to promote strength and density, recover the lawn from drought and become resilient – especially in high traffic areas.

You should be careful when choosing your fertiliser. Never use spring or summer fertiliser in the autumn or winter months, as high nitrogen levels encourage grass growth. Always use either quick-release or slow-release autumn fertiliser, which will contain the right balance for the time of year. Be sure to thoroughly water your lawn after fertilising (unless it is raining) to avoid burning the remaining grass you do have.

Quick-release fertiliser has been formulated with nitrogen levels that will induce the blades of grass to grow and revive themselves. It also contains potassium and phosphates, strengthening the root system. Slow-release fertiliser as its name suggests, slowly and gently feeds the lawn throughout a 3-month period.

October lawn care – Raking and collecting leaves

Raking and collecting leaves is an important job in Autumn, and should be done regularly before significant and persistent rainfall occurs, and definitely before any snow appears.  If left to form a layer on your grass, leaves can cause ‘suffocation’ of your lawn, as air cannot pass through.  This could result in mould, and eventually the rotting of your prized lawn.  Raking the leaves, ensures that sunlight can penetrate the soil.

Dry leaves can be raked and shredded, by the use of a strimmer or a lawn mover, then ‘mulched.’ This material can then be used in the spring months to fertilise your plants.  Mulching, is when you water-down a collection of dried shredded leaves which have been placed in a suitable container or wire mesh in the garden. Earthworms and micro-organisms do the work of mother nature, and transform them into organic matter over the winter. This method is eco-friendly, as it prevents leaves and garden waste from taking up precious space in landfill.

October Lawn Care - Raking Leaves - Jackson Landscaping Ltd

Turf Services & Gardening Landscaping

If your lawn is in a state of total disrepair and you need the help of a friendly, local gardener and landscaper to transform your outside area, Jackson Landscaping Ltd provide complete lawn care services for your convenience. Turf services and professional landscaping services are also available. Alternatively, should you decide to make the change and are looking to swap to an artificial lawn, we also provide artificial grass installation and have put together some handy tips and FAQ’s to answer your queries.

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