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The team at Jackson Landscaping Ltd are often asked lots of questions about lawns and turfing, so with this in mind we decided to put together a list of FAQs to help answer your questions!

Below, you’ll find the answers to some of the most common questions our customers ask. However, if the FAQs don’t answer your query, please contact us!

Lawn & Turf FAQs

Q. After the turf has been laid, how soon can I walk on it?
A. We recommend not walking on your turf for 4 weeks after laying new turf. The longer you leave it to ‘settle’ the better, as this allows the turf roots to grow and become established, giving a better result. Please note, you should mow your turf on a high setting 2 weeks after it’s been laid to further aid establishment.
Q. How much will it cost to lay new turf in my garden?
A. As every garden is different, there are no set prices for our turf laying services. If you are interested in having turf laid in your garden, we recommend contacting us to arrange for us to visit and assess your garden to give you a free, no-obligation quote (As costs depend on how much top soil is needed and whether your garden requires clearing or levelling).
Q. What types of turf can I have?
A. We carry two different turf options; ‘Meglio Premium Seeded’ and ‘Supina Shade and Wear’. If you’ve got a sunny or south facing garden, then the Meglio turf would be your best option. For shady or high traffic areas, we recommend the Supina turf.
Q. What time of year can I have turf laid?
A. We can lay turf at any time of year, dependent on weather conditions. The only time of year we can’t lay turf is when the ground is frozen.
Q. Can Jackson Landscaping Ltd maintain the turf for me once it’s been laid?
A. Yes, we can! We offer a wide range of turf care services, including lawn care and mowing, so you can hire us to perform regular or seasonal maintenance work.
Q. I think my lawn is beyond the point of saving, is there anything you can do?
A. In our opinion, all lawns can be rescued one way or another! We offer a comprehensive lawn repair and renovation service to help bring patchy and dry lawns back to life, so if we can save your existing lawn, we will. We can also re-turf gardens using premium local turf if you would prefer a clean slate.
Q. Can you still treat my lawn or lay turf during bad weather?
A. Generally, we can work in most weather conditions; though high winds, heavy rain and extreme cold will prevent us from being able to successfully do this. However, we’ll always notify you if adverse weather will prevent our works and we’ll arrange a suitable alternative appointment with you.
Q. Do I need to mow my lawn in winter?
A. If you have a well-established lawn, then it’s recommended to cut your lawn between March and October, with a small ‘touch up’ mow in winter to keep things looking neat. For newly laid turf or young lawns, we recommend following the guidance provided by our gardener upon laying.
Q. Should I be watering my lawn?
A. As a rule of thumb, lawns do not need to be watered during winter. Light watering is fine in spring and autumn and more regular watering is best in the summer months.
Newly laid turf should be watered daily for the first few weeks after it’s been laid, tapering off to a few times a week and then once a week in time. In hot weather, you may need to water the lawn more frequently.

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