A Plymouth front garden transformation

Welcome to my Landscaping website. I hope you enjoy my recent garden transformation which shows my dedication to landscaping design innovation.

Creating a blank slate to work with

The front garden started off in the usual way full of weeds and overgrown shrubs. My customers vision was one of balance and low maintenance, she wanted to retain the garden’s current plants/shrubs but changing it into a low maintenance front garden. I was so happy I got my quote accepted because it was going to look so different after I finished.

Creating Landscaping Texture and Eye Catching shrubs

With precision and care my initial efforts centred on preparing the garden for transformation. This meant removing the weeds that had overstayed their welcome and pruning the existing shrubs, which were staying in the garden to give it some hight.

Once the over grown garden was cleared and the intended shrubs stood uncluttered I started with the groundwork. I always use a high quality membrane to discourage any future weed growth.

Installation of the new Cobblestones

The choice of cobblestones was a decisive stroke of our client’s vision coming to life. These large, smooth stones were carefully selected and placed by hand, each contributing to a textural masterpiece that was as practical as it was visually arresting. The stones’ substantial size and rounded edges introduced an element of geometric fascination, creating a juxtaposition against the organic forms of the garden’s living components.

The result was a Plymouth garden reborn, an oasis of neatness and stylistic boldness amidst a sea of uniformity and neglect. Through this endeavor, our client’s wish for a garden that stood out with understated elegance was fulfilled.

Invitation for Collaboration

I hope you enjoy just how much the cobbles transformed the garden and maybe the potential cobbles have in your own garden. The video offers a glimpse into the journey and how the process I follow to achieve this garden’s stunning result.

If this inspires you and you require some landscaping work within Plymouth, please consider Jackson Landscaping your your garden transformation.

I hope you can give me the chance to bring my professional eye to your garden.

see you soon,  Shane


Jackson Landscaping Ltd in Plymouth will provide a hassle-free garden maintenance service and will clear your garden, remove the green waste and tidy lawns and hedges to leave you with a total garden transformation.


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