Our Plymouth Fence Inspection Services – What You Need to Know

If your fence has seen better days or you’re concerned about its structural safety as a result of damage, then our fence inspection services are just what you need!

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Fence Inspection: Image of a light brown wooden feather edge fence, with overgrown ivy to the right hand side.

What is a Fence Inspection?

A fence inspection involves a thorough inspection of your fencing and its supports to ensure that it’s safe and secured into the ground.

This is commonly carried out after a fence has been damaged or if homeowners are considering replacing the fence.

Fence Inspection: Image of a broken wooden post and rail fence.

Why Would I Need a Fence Inspection?

If your fencing has recently been damaged by the weather or in an accident, it’s essential to book in a fence inspection so that the full extent of the damage can be surveyed and the cost of works required can be made known to you. If your fence falls and causes damage to nearby vehicles or properties, you can be liable to pay for damages and for the resulting insurance claim. By acting quickly and getting a fencing contractor to check out and remedy the problems, you can avoid insurance claims and prevent further damage to the fence and surrounding areas.

To carry out a fence inspection, we will inspect the fencing and areas of damage by checking the pales and posts carefully and risk assess our findings.

Fence Inspection: Image of an old dark brown picket fence.

Why Choose Jackson Garden Services?

If you choose Jackson Garden Services for your fence inspection, then you can be assured that you will receive a friendly, unbiased and professional service.

We offer a cost-effective service and will always recommend works that fit within your budget. Our experienced team excel in all aspects of fencing, from fence inspections and repair works to installations for domestic, commercial and agricultural settings. If you’d like to know more about our fencing services, please contact us today to arrange an appointment and get a free, no-obligation quote.

Contact Us

The Jackson Garden Services team are experienced fencing installers and contractors, who can inspect and repair all kinds of fencing.

We offer free, no-obligation site surveys and quotes, with a friendly and professional service guaranteed.  To book an appointment or discuss your requirements, please call us on 07399 092364.

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