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Welcome to our first series of Blogs for 2022.  As I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s no better or simpler way to transform your garden than through decking. This edition will focus on a job we recently completed for a lady called Wendy in Plymouth – and the steps we took to get the job done!

Wendy first approached us for help at the end of 2021.  She was fed up with her old and tired wood decking and asked us to quote for a complete overhaul, to replace the wood with composite decking.  She opted for composite, as her wood decking was not only rotten, but it was also extremely dangerous in the winter.

Composite Decking - Before Deck - Jackson Landscaping Ltd


Composite Decking versus Wood

Composite decking is much more durable than wood decking. It is a combination of wood and plastic in equal proportion. Timber decking loses its durability the more you use it.  In contrast, composite decking will stay strong over the years. It can withstand the inclement British weather, and avoid deterioration from garden pests for a prolonged period of time.

We visited Wendy to show her the composite samples and recommended a product from a supplier called Cladco. Cladco composite is very hard-wearing, and the colour-finish runs throughout the product. Therefore, should any unfortunate damage occur to the decking in the future, it would show a lot less than some of the other products on the market. If there was a different coloured veneer to the inside of your composite, any chips would be unsightly.


Framing of the Decking and Steps

Time was spent discussing the framing of the decking, the steps, and the time-frame required to ensure a long-lasting subframe. It was explained that all the supporting posts would be coated with bitumen. This helps prevent water from penetrating the timber and causing the supports to rot. We use 6×2 timber joists, so everything is extremely well supported. In addition, we use joist hangers on the ends of the 6×2 for extra support. Before installing the composite to the top of the framing, a damp proof membrane is fitted to the tops of the joists. Therefore, when rainwater runs through the gaps of the boards, it will run straight off the membrane and not sit on the supporting joists.

Composite Decking - In Progress Deck - Jackson Landscaping Ltd


Installing the Composite Decking

Once everything was explained to Wendy and she was happy with our process and procedures, she gave us the go-ahead, and work began. We had a deadline to meet, as the job needed to be completed before the end of January.  Wendy had other trades arriving to improve the inside of the house, and they needed access via the decking. The challenge was on!

The old decking was removed, and responsibly disposed of at a wood recycling centre in Plymouth. Next, we constructed the frame and put in the supports. (we were lucky as the weather was great). The decking was started – we’d made some good progress. It was then time to break up for Christmas – the job would be resumed in the New Year! Wendy kindly gave us a couple of little presents and some homemade jam – which was delicious.



Work resumed in the New Year, but the weather was not kind to us. As soon as we were back on January 4th it rained persistently (especially when we were due to work on weekdays!)  We knew how important it was to Wendy for the job to be completed by the end of January – in time for the next phase of her home improvements – so we persevered.  We needed good weather, so it meant working over the weekends to ensure the project was completed in time. The project was delivered within the deadline and to the exact specification.  Wendy was delighted!

Composite Decking - Finished Deck - Jackson Landscaping Ltd


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