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Artificial Grass Plymouth: Benefits & Considerations

Are you tired of having to clean muddy shoes and paws whenever your pets or children go into your garden? Fed up with mowing, watering and seeding your lawn? Want a practical, easy to care for and long-lasting alternative? Then artificial grass could be perfect for you!

A popular choice for many homeowners, artificial grass is a low maintenance way to ensure your lawn is picture-perfect all year long. In recent years, the look and feel of synthetic grass has come on leaps and bounds, with dozens of different shades, lengths and textures on the market. The days of bright green, obviously fake looking astroturf are long gone, with modern artificial lawns boasting a convincingly natural look.

If you’ve been considering installing artificial turf in your garden but are still on the fence about it; then our latest blog is just what you need. Read on to learn more!

Artificial Grass Benefits: Image of a large garden with an artificial lawn, white fencing and planted borders. #]

Artificial Grass Benefits

Artificial turf has numerous benefits, including:

Stays Perfect All Year Round: Unlike a traditional lawn, artificial turf never gets patchy, muddy or sun-bleached, so it remains looking beautiful 365 days a year! Modern artificial turf is UV stabilised to ensure its fade-resistant and stays lush and verdant throughout its lifespan (around 15 years).

Easy to Maintain: You’ll never have to mow, reseed or fertilise fake grass, so it’s a great option for homeowners who don’t have the time or mobility to tend to a ‘real’ lawn.

Reduced Water Usage: As artificial grass doesn’t need to be watered, it’s a more environmentally friendly option and will significantly help you to cut down on your water bills, as you won’t need to use a hose or sprinkler.

Great for Pets: If you’ve got a dog that likes to dig, then you’ve probably spent plenty of time repairing and patching up your lawn. Artificial grass can’t be dug up by animals, so you can bid farewell to time-consuming repairs and maintenance! A durable, non-toxic and safe surface, artificial turf is also hardier than real grass, so it won’t be discoloured by animal urine.

Anti-Allergenic: If you or your family have seasonal allergies, then artificial grass can stop the sneezes and provide a great alternative to a traditional lawn. Grass pollen is one of the biggest causes of hayfever, which can really impact on sufferer’s ability to spend time outside. As synthetic turf doesn’t produce pollen spores, you can enjoy your garden all year round!

Artificial Grass Benefits: Close up image of an artificial lawn.

Artificial Turf Considerations

Whilst we believe there are no real drawbacks to choosing to have artificial turf installed in your garden, there are a few things you should consider before choosing to have it laid:

Not Suitable for Barbecuing: You cannot use a barbecue, chiminea or fire pit on synthetic turf, as this is liable to make it melt under the extreme heat. Whilst this is typically not an issue for many homeowners, it does mean you’re limited to using these appliances elsewhere in the garden.

Impact on Biodiversity: As artificial grass is not a natural material, it cannot sustain wildlife. This does create a lack of biodiversity, though this can easily be addressed through planting a wide variety of shrubs, trees and plants elsewhere in the garden.

Can Get Hot: During very hot weather, artificial turf can feel very warm underfoot, something that wouldn’t happen with a traditional lawn. As such, you should exercise caution during heatwaves by wearing shoes when walking on the turf, misting the area with cool water and ensure you lay a blanket down if you plan to sit down on the lawn.

Bigger Initial Outlay: Whilst artificial grass is actually a more economical option in the long run, the initial installation and purchasing costs are slightly higher than for ‘regular’ turf laying.

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